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Guests from Belarus

Time to enjoy

Lunch with friends and making apple brandy

BKFR - dialog, Lisa Minaeva

Lunch with friends artists in the orchard

On the banks of the Danube with Vladimir Macura, Novi Banovci

Visits Museum of Contemporary Art -Macura, Stari Banovci

Atelier storage -Macura

In the studio of the artists Maja and Peđe, Petrovaradin-Novi Sad

Guest Lisa Mineva visiting the City Museum in Ruma

. Lisa with director of the Museum

Alessandro - guest of the festival

A. Salvi was a guest of the 10th BELGRADE POETRY AND BOOK FESTIVAL, which was held from 25 to 30 May in Belgrade..

Visits Serbian Museum of Bread


At the invitation of the owner of the Bread Museum poet Alessandro Salvi was a guest of the elebration Slava (Celebration of Family Patron Saint’s Day).

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